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Photos from each day of the event have now been uploaded to our Facebook Page. Thanks to Caroline Abri / Alan Knott for taking pictures for us for the duration of the event. Links to each photo album are below:

- https://www.facebook.com/pg/englandtugofwar/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1646628398690580

DAY 2 - https://www.facebook.com/pg/englandtugofwar/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1652572918096128

DAY 3 - https://www.facebook.com/pg/englandtugofwar/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1653164124703674

DAY 4 - https://www.facebook.com/pg/englandtugofwar/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1653570294663057

Also, you can view a great selection of photos from the event (and lots of previous tournaments) by Dutch photographer Eddie Van Raamsdonk via http://www.tugofwarpicture.nl/


Men 720kg – Gold –
Netherlands – Silver – Ireland – Bronze – England – 4th – Latvia - 5th - Basque Country - 6th - Sweden - 7th - Italy - 8th - Poland

Junior Ladies 480kg – Gold –
South Africa – Silver – Wales – Bronze – Chinese Taipei – 4th – England

Junior Men 560kg – Gold – Switzerland – Silver – South Africa – Bronze – Chinese Taipei – 4th – Netherlands - 5th - Germany - 6th - Sweden - 7th - Belgium - 8th - England

Mixed 600kg – Gold –
England – Silver – Sweden – Bronze – Switzerland – 4th – Netherlands - 5th - Basque Country - 6th - Scotland - 7th - Lithuania - 8th - Wales - 9th - Israel - 10th - Latvia

Ladies 560kg – Gold –
Swizerland – Silver – Sweden – Bronze – Netherlands – 4th – Basque Country - 5th - England - 6th - Scotland

Men 640kg – Gold –
Switzerland – Silver – Netherlands – Bronze – Sweden – 4th – Basque Country - 5th - Ireland - 6th - England - 7th - Belgium - 8th - Scotland - 9th Wales - 10th - Italy - 11th - France


Men 680kg – Gold – Netherlands - Silver - Switzerland - Bronze - Ireland - 4th - Sweden - 5th - Belgium - 6th - England - 7th - Germany - 8th - Basque Country - 9th - Italy - 10th - Poland - 11th - Latvia - 12th - France

Under 23 Ladies 500kg – Gold – Switzerland – Silver – Chinese Taipei – Bronze – Sweden – 4th – Germany - 5th - England - 6th - South Africa - 7th - Wales

Under 23 Men 600kg – Gold –
Switzerland – Silver – Germany – Bronze – South Africa – 4th – Chinese Taipei - 5th - England - 6th - Belgium - 7th - Netherlands - 8th - Wales

Ladies 520kg – Gold – Sweden – Silver – Scotland – Bronze – Switzerland – 4th – England - 5th - Netherlands - 6th - Basque Country - 7th - Wales

Men 560kg – Gold –
Switzerland – Silver – Basque Country – Bronze – Northern Ireland – 4th – England - 5th - Netherlands - 6th - Scotland - 7th - Ireland - 8th - Germany - 9th - Belgium - 10th - Wales


Men 720kg – Gold –
TTV Valleitrekkers (Netherlands) – Silver – G&B (Ireland) – Bronze – TTV Koapman (Netherlands) – 4th – TTV Gelderswoude (Netherlands)

Junior Ladies 480kg – Gold –
Drostdy (South Africa) – Silver – Dreigau Cymreg (Wales) – Bronze – Tai Chung (Chinese Taipei) – 4th – Team ACF (England)

Junior Men 560kg – Gold – Oakdale A (South Africa) – Silver – Stans-Oberdorf (Switzerland) – Bronze – Nantou-Shou Shan (Chinese Taipei) – 4th – Oakdale B (South Africa)

Mixed 600kg – Gold –
Kilroe (England) – Silver – Loftadalen DK (Sweden) – Bronze – TTV Eibergen (Netherlands) – 4th – Wallby (Sweden)

Ladies 560kg – Gold –
Jing Mei (Chinese Taipei) – Silver – Haldon (England) – Bronze – Wa-Ka (Switzerland) – 4th – Gaztedi (Basque Country)

Men 640kg – Gold –
Ebersecken (Switzerland) – Silver – TTV Veenseboys (Netherands) – Bronze – Engelberg (Switzerland) – 4th – TTV Valleitrekkers (Netherlands)  


Men 680kg – Gold –
Ebersecken (Switzerland) – Silver – Heure (Netherlands) – Bronze – TTV TTV Vallietrekkers (Netherlands) – 4th – G&B (Ireland)

Under 23 Ladies 500kg – Gold –
Jing Mei (Chinese Taipei) – Silver – Sins (Switzerland) – Bronze – Pfahlbronn (Germany) – 4th – Gazelles (South Africa)

Under 23 Men 600kg – Gold –
Stans-Oberdorf (Switzerland) – Silver – TTV Veenseboys (Netherlands) – Bronze – Simonswald (Germany) – 4th – Swellendam (South Africa)

Ladies 520kg – Gold – Ayrshire (Scotland) – Silver – Kilroe Ladies(England) – Bronze – TTV Gelderswoude (Netherlands) – 4th – Jing Mei (Chinese Taipei)

Men 56kg – Gold –
Engelberg (Switzerland) – Silver – Bancran (Northern Ireland) – Bronze – Mosnang (Switzerland) – 4th – Sins (Switzerland)

There are currently some fake e-mails circulating about accreditation and asking the recipients to click on a link. Please DO NOT click on the link.

If you have done your accreditation and already have it then you will not get any further e-mails.

Thank you

Following the completion of the 2017 European Championships, we will have full length official tug of war ropes for sale, so are ideal for new teams looking for a tug of war rope, existing teams needing a new rope, or event organisers needing tug of war ropes for use at future competitions.

The price per rope is £120.

We will have 30 ropes available for purchase, some of which have already been reserved.

Ropes can be collected on completion of the competitions on the final day of the European Championships in Southport on 24 September.

We are unable to do deliveries - collection only from the event.

You can pay for ropes by cash or cheque on collection.

Ropes will be allocated and sold on a first come, first served basis.

To reserve a rope, please contact Mick Copper on Tel: 00 44 (0)1933 622639 or E-mail: mick.copper@tiscali.co.uk


Please only use the web booking form. Please do not send any bookings via e-mail.


Nat West Bank


IBAN: GB74 NWBK 5430 2737 019317

Sort Code: 54 30 27

Account Number: 37019317

The above are the Tug of War Association's only payment details. Please do not pay using any other bank details. If you are unsure, please contact us by phone to confirm before making any payment.


We have some advertising spaces available in the event programme, and some advertising spaces left around the competition arena in Southport! The event programme will be distributed to all competitors and spectators for free, and we can also display advertising banners around the competition arena for all four days of competition. Prices are as follows:

Programme Adverts

Half Page Black and White Advert - 131mm x 92mm - £50
Full Page Black and White Advert - 131mm x 185mm - £100
Half Page Colour Advert - 131mm x 92mm - £60
Full Page Colour Advert - 131mm x 92mm - £110

Competition Arena Advertising:

2m x 1m banner - £150 for all four days of competition (banners to be supplied by the sponsor)

If you would like both a programme advert and advertising in the arena, we can also offer a combined price with some discount:

Combined Advertisement Package:

Half Page Black and White Advert - 131mm x 92mm and 2m x 1m banner in the arena for all four days of competition - £180

Full Page Black and White Advert - 131mm x 185mm and 2m x 1m banner in the arena for all four days of competition - £210

Half Page Colour Advert - 131mm x 92mm and 2m x 1m banner in the arena for all four days of competition - £190

Full Page Colour Advert - 131mm x 185mm and 2m x 1m banner in the arena for all four days of competition - £220

If your business would like to advertise at the event (we are anticipating teams from around 20 countries to take part, a total of 1500 - 2000 participants and lots of supporters and the event will also be streamed live), then please contact Alan Ludkin with your requirements and to book your advertising space. Phone: 01304 617660


Entry forms for the TWIF open club competition in Southport are now open.

In addition, accreditation forms are also now available to complete and submit. ALL competitors, coaches, trainers, officials, press, etc. MUST complete an online accreditation form.

If you have attended a recent TWIF Championship, then you will be able to renew your accreditation from a previous event, however please ensure that your details are up to date, especially if you have had a new passport.

When completing your accreditation, please ensure that the passport number on your accreditation form is up to date and corresponds with the number in your current passport. If the numbers do not match, you will be turned away from the weigh in and have to obtain a new accreditation card, so please ensure your details (including date of birth) are correct and up to date to ensure that you have no delays at the weigh in. Please note that you will not be able to weigh in without an accreditation card and passport.

Accreditation is free to competitors if you have booked into the official accommodation package. If you are taking part, but staying outside of the official accommodation package, then the price of accreditation is £100 per participant.

To enter your club into the TWIF open competition, please click here.

To complete your accreditation for the event, please click here.

Open Club Entries and Accreditation Forms should be completed by 31 August 2017 at the latest.


Volunteers are required to assist with the running of the 2017 European Championships and World Junior and Under 23 Championships in Southport in September.

Volunteers are required to fulfill a number of roles.

To find out more about the roles that are available and to register your interest in volunteering at the event, please visit the volunteering page of this web site!

03/07/2017 - SCHEDULE UPDATE

TWIF have now confirmed the timings for the individual weigh in on Wednesday 20th September for both clubs competing in the open competition, and teams competing in the closed international competition.

There will be two weigh in slots as follows:

Morning slot - 07:30am - 12 noon
Afternoon slot - 16:00 - 18:00

Individuals have a choice of which slot to weigh in, however individuals may only weigh on the official scales once.

The weigh in will take place at Pontin's.

The stamping for morning weights on each day of competition will be 07:30am to 08:30am. The stamping for the afternoon weights will be 11:15am to 12:00. The stamping will take place in the team tentage area at the competition field. The above times will be strictly adhered to in order to ensure that the competitions start on time.

The full schedule of events for both the weigh in and competition days are available on the programme of events page of this web site


Exiting news! We will definitely be running a junior ladies 480kg weight class in both the TWIF open club competition and the international competition at the World Junior Tug of War Championships which are being held in conjunction with the European Tug of War Championships!

Remember - we have discounted accommodation packages available for junior male and female competitors so get your junior teams together for September 2017!

Accommodation can be booked via this web site.

11/01/2017 - Welcome to the Official Page of the 2017 European Outdoor Tug of War Championships!

The web site has now been launched, the event is being promoted, and accommodation bookings are now being taken!

To see what accommodation is available, please visit the Accommodation Page.

To book accommodation, please visit the Book Rooms Online Page.

Entry forms and accreditation forms are not yet available, however we will inform you when accreditation and entries can be made.

If you would like to volunteer at the event, please visit our Volunteering Page for more information, and contact us if you are interested in being a Tug of War 2017 Volunteer.

Interact with us on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instragram. You can find us via @englandtugofwar. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram and share our posts about the event with your friends, team mates and supporters and help to spread the word about the 2017 European Outdoor Tug of War Championships and World Junior and Under 23 Tug of War Championships!

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